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"How to Beat the Heat!"

Be sure that you are drinking water and consume electrolytes from natural sources like bananas (potassium) but pair it with a protein to get the full benefit. You can drink electrolytes but check to be sure they are food based not artificial.

You could wear a cooling collar around your neck or as a head band and it helps keep you cool and prevent over heating. They have a special crystal like substance that turns into a gel when you add it to water. Takes as little as 5 to 10 minutes. to reach the full protential of the collar and it will last for hours. To keep it cool you can place it on ice or in the refrigerator for just 5 minutes and you are back in business. The cooling collar is great for working in the yard, outside on the job, or even playing sports. All ages can wear the collar to protect themselves from heat exaustion, or heat stroke. Still keep in mind that you should always limit your exposure to the sun and humidity. This is just a small way to keep your core temperature from reaching dangerous levels while you enjoy the outdoors.

We sell Cooling Collars for $6.00 each or 3/$16.00.