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Hill's Health Hut is a family based Health Food Store with over 40 years experience in the Natural Products Industry. We started in Miami, Florida in 1978 when a close friend introduced us to the wonderful world of nutrition. We have four children and our family was always having health-related problems, with everything that came along like colds, flu, childhood diseases, and arthritis at a young age. As the mother of four children, at 36 years old, I was almost in a wheel chair from arthritis. During that time, we lacked a basic knowledge about health and nutrition. We didn't always choose the right foods to eat nor take supplements to support our bodies. Through trial and error, much studying, and dedication; we got on the right track. With support from some loving friends and attending classes with many different nutritionists, it has brought us where we are today. Starting now with the fourth generation of children, we are very proud and blessed to be a healthy family with the passion to help others. It is our goal to educate as many people as possible so that they can enhance the lives of others too. People suffer because of a lack of knowledge. Our motto is "Your Health Is Your Wealth" and we care about your health.

We have a complete line of Vitamins* Minerals* Herbs* Homeopathic Formulas* Health and Beauty Products* Diet Supplements* Gluten Free* New Baby line* and much more! Watch our website for new and exciting links and pages for some awesome products we'll be offering online. We will always include FREE literature, magazines and samples with your direct orders.