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Customers Experience

"Recently, I was running a mild fever from an ear infection. With the fever came numerous cold sores on my mouth. I had read about the effects of cell power, and decided to try it to increase my healing time. I am happy to say that my cold sores were gone in 48 hours and so was my ear infection. I am so relieved that I didn't have to go through two weeks of misery waiting for my sores to heal, and I didn't have to take any drugs with negative side effects! Thank you."

Product: Cell Power, Date: 09/17/07

Location: website, Customer: Annali

"Hello Positive Power Nutrition Co.,

I wish I had discovered Cell Power sooner. I've never felt so alive. I was skeptical at first- that it might be another "liquid confidence." It's definitely not that. My legs are moving faster than my mind knows what to do with it. I started using Cell Power about a month ago and my recovery and workout times have gone from it seems like forever to WOW, it's over already? I feel like my whole body works better. I plan on running the Twin Cities Marathon in October and I know I will be ready for a very fast time. I will keep you updated for sure. Thanks so much for making such a miracle product!"

Product: Cell Power, Date: 08/19/08

Location: NM, Customer: Deeja Y.

"I started taking Cell Power® about a week ago. I have arthritis in my ankles, knees, back, and hands. I can already feel the difference in my joints. I also have acid reflux, my stomach doesn’t hurt from the acid backing up in it. My question to you is: Are there any health food locations in Indianapolis that sell your product (of course there is!)? If so, what is the name of the store and their location?"

Product: Cell Power, Date: 08/19/08

Location: Indianapolis, IN, Customer: Estella